Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I think a guild should be...

After some recent guild drama, I figured I'd sit down and write about what I think a guild is suppose to be (I was going to write about the situation but decided against it).

  • First and foremost a guild in my opinion is there for the progression of the guild, not that of one player. What this means is, I shouldn't have to drop everything I'm doing to make sure you get what you need. That's not saying I can't help, but don't expect me to only look to progress yourself.
  • On non guild raid nights, It's ok to help other guildies out with stuff. You need help with a quest and I'm in the area doing a daily or farming a herb, sure I'll come on over and help out of I can.
  • Help others get geared for Uldar 25, instead of excluding them out of the Uldar 10 raid. You got gear, you can't improve with anything else in Uld 10, then please let someone that can use that gear in your spot so we can all do Uld 25.
  • Do unto others as you would have done unto you. We all started out at 1 and worked our way up. Don't look down on a guildie because he leveled slower than you did or you feel you are better than them.
  • Don't tell others they should go help a low level guildie run SM when you yourself haven't picked up a finger to help progress anyone other than your own toon in this game or scream that your Alt needs a BRD run when you won't run anyone through anything.
  • Don't berate other guild members in guild chat.

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  1. Don't forget:

    - Contribute as best as you can to guild functions when you are able to do so. If the guild needs you to tank/heal/dps OS10 even though you just got an invite to pug Uld25, your guild should be top priority.