Friday, September 18, 2009

Heroic PUGS

Last night I decided it was time to start seeing some of these heroic dungeons and waiting around for guildies to run some heroics have run it's course. I put myself in the que. Granted I have PUGed Reg TOC a few times. I've been able to pick up a set of gloves, a belt and some pants and Norrac has hooked me up with a set of shoulders, so I have epics in those areas.

Well last night I'm putzing around looking for some more frost lotus and working on my Knights of the Ebon Hold rep when I finally get a wispher, want to run heroic Nexus. Now I have run heroic Nexus with guildies once so I sort of know the run so I accept. I died a few times (I really need to get some enchants and some gems in my gear) and nothing drops, but hey I'm wearing my Knights of the Ebon Hold tabard and getting my rep up so I'm happy. Then they are want to run heroic Halls of Stone. I had never been to HOS so I let them know, they are like it's cool we'll explain bosses etc. I go with them, knowing I probably shouldn't as I'm pulling shit for DPS, but the experiance of going along with the increasing my rep with KEB is high on my list (Want to get to exlated so I can grab the sword).

I got one thing that dropped that I need rolled on is the Fleshshaper. I rolled on it because the other rogue need rolled on it for his off spec, so I figured if no one needed it for their main spec that I'd use it for my soon to pvp spec and I won the thing. I got no other gear that I could use at all in two runs, but I was happy to have the dagger as now I can go and buy librarians paper cutter and get my PVP spec going so I can do some BGs.

All in all it was a fun night filled with to many deaths and not enough DPS, but I talked to a fellow guild rogue who has taken to be my mentor and I figured a few things out, so we'll see if I can't get my DPS up a bit.

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