Monday, September 21, 2009

Question everything....

Let me be the first to thank my fellow guildie, Horkus. The man knows his shit about the rogue class. Now granted I scour the web for all information about the rogue class and I by far know I don't know it all about the class. Yes I played a Night Elf Rogue to 70 in BC, but I leveled Assassination and didn't switch to combat till far to late in the game.

Well Hork, tweaked my rotation and helped keep my morale up when I just wasn't feeling all that great about my class. My advice is to find someone that plays your class well. Someone that you can question and will give you good advice. Right now I'm one of a very few Rogues in our guild that plays regularly and I want to advance into actually raiding with everyone else. Now I realize that these Heroic Dungeons (or Normal for that manner) are important to getting your timing down, for upgrading gear and for learning.

So pug them, run them with a guildie. It doesn't matter. If you wipe, try and learn something from it and chalk it up to experience and for goodness sake, Find a mentor you can bounce things off of.

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  1. Glad to hear you found a mentor!

    I've definitely benefited early on in my heroicking/raiding life from finding someone more experienced than I and getting my characters reviewed by them. The advice they came back with and the questions they were able to answer for me helped me improve in leaps and bounds.

    And you're right, Regulars and Heroics aren't all about gear (although you didn't mention that part) - they're about practice.

    Sure, it's expected that when you're first 80 and getting into raids that you are on the bottom of the meters, but it's expected that you will rise over time, and I find players who skip over Regulars and Heroics because there's "no gear upgrades" for them never make that rise.

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