Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Secondary Professions

I've been slacking on my secondary professions big time. I got my First Aid up to 450 over the weekend but I'm still trying to get my cooking and fishing up. My Cooking isn't so bad, only problem I'm having with cooking is lack of recipes and the sudden need for more memory in my PC so I can actually go to Lagaran. Seems every time I try to go there to do my cooking daily, to try and turn in emblems, run VH, etc I get connected. Only thing I can think is that I need to upgrade the memory in my craptop.

My fishing, yikes has been neglected. I mean I'm 80 and my fishing isn't even 300 yet. It's not even 275. Yeesh!! I know I need to sit down and do some fishing, maybe next time I put myself in a que for heroics, I'll just sit somewhere and work on getting my fishing up.

Why are these professions important? Cooking/Fishing offer nice buffs to a stat. While first aid allows you to put on bandages to help "heal" you up. I don't think it matters what class or race you are. Each of these professions will benefit you. I'm sure you're saying, why would a healer need to know their first aid. First aid could benefit even the healer by being able to throw on a bandage to help save some mana for something else.

Now get to work on your secondary profession.

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